ASTILLEROS DE MALLORCA | Financial Awareness Workshop

30th Sep 2019

ASTILLEROS DE MALLORCA | Financial Awareness Workshop

Financial awareness workshop

April 24th

Everyone has a different attitude towards saving and spending. Our financial well-being workshop helps you understand what is possible based on your priorities and preferences.

We take you through a number of savings personalities common within the Superyacht industry. This helps you discover how your personality type impacts your attitude towards risk, saving and expenses.

You will also leave the workshop with a better understanding of your financial well-being with our quick health check that audits your financial position and planning.

The workshop will cover:

  • key financial considerations for superyacht crew
  • the 3 pillars of good personal finance
  • understanding your risk profile
  • how to manage your taxes and your obligations
  • a quiz to test your new financial knowledge.

You can book a place with ACREW on their website HERE.


In addition to the Financial Awareness workshop the UAM team are going be on hand for the full two days to answer any financial questions you may have.
Booking your 1-to1 meeting is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered, be it about banking, tax or savings. You can also use the meeting to create or update your documented financial plan.


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