Financial Awareness | EXPATRIATE TAX 2020 DUBAI - UAM

28th Feb 2020

Financial Awareness | EXPATRIATE TAX 2020 DUBAI

9th MArch 2020

Our tax partner, Seafarer Global, are hosting the next addition of their Expat Tax event. You can find full details on the event on their website.

The presentation will share deep and practical insights with attendees, dealing with some hot topics such as whether to retain South African citizenshippermanent residency and the burning question of financial emigration, with SARS recently providing more clarity thereon. It will also outline planning and strategy if you intend to return to and/or retire in South Africa. The presentation format will be informal and due to complexity and importance of these matters, it will be approximately 1 hour. UAM will be doing a short presentation at the end.


In addition our short presentation the UAM team are going be on hand for the full day as well as the duration of the Dubai Boat Show to answer any financial questions you may have.
Booking your 1-to1 meeting is the perfect opportunity to get your questions answered, be it about banking, tax or savings. You can also use the meeting to create or update your documented financial plan.


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