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How we can help Superyacht pursers

We work with Superyacht pursers on a regular basis. We recommend the following services for you.

How we can help Superyacht pursers

We work with Superyacht pursers from on a regular basis. Because you an international bank account and have been in yachting for we recommend the following services for you.

Standard Bank Account

The preferred bank account for Superyacht crew.

Existing Account Transfers

We offer an impartial review of your existing portfolio.

Help your crew secure their future

Our onboard presentations help crew better manage their money.

Buy your overseas property

Make your overseas property purchase as smooth as possible.

Protect Your Income

Protect your future and any dependents you have.

Open a regular savings account

Quickly achieve financial freedom by saving regularly.

Save for a house desposit

Get your foot on the property ladder.

Achieve your retirement income goals

Create a future revenue stream for your retirement.

Smart single lump sum investments

Perfect for investing your end of season bonus or unspent wages.

Achieve your dream with a Documented Financial Plan

Benefit from expert advice from our experienced partner. Don't pay more, or less, tax than you should.

Get your documented financial plan

Achieve the lifestyle you want in the future.

Update your financial plan

Ensure you achieve the right financial goals.

South African Tax Services

Get expert advice on your taxes

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financial planning for YACHT pursers

We understand you are often busy managing finances for others on board but when was the last time you fully reviewed your financial situation?

Your demanding role as a Purser means that your own financial priorities get pushed further down the list.

In addition to that, the Superyacht industry rarely provides financial support in the form of personal pensions and statutory maternity pay. As a result, it comes down to you to you factor that in to your savings plans.

Yacht crew need to start saving early to allow enough financial flexibility for any eventuality, such as injury, pregnancy or career change. Saving early will also ensure your financial independence for when retirement comes around.

Whether a major life change is 5 or 25 years away, at some point we all deserve to take a break and enjoy our hard-earned savings.


Start planning your financial future today! Tell us what matters most to you and we’ll build a solid financial plan to help you achieve it.