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14th May 2019

Six eco-friendly Superyachts to look out for

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Superyachts are synonymous with fuel burning and un-environmentally friendly materials. But, we are starting to see new designs with an eco-friendly approach. These six yachts come with all the luxury you’d expect but with a more responsible approach. The solutions they’ve developed range from sustainable and hypoallergenic materials to solar power and recycled materials.

We’ve put together six of the most eco-friendly yachts on the seas to look out for.

1. REV

The REV is currently being built by VARD, but is set to stand out from the crowd when completed. This superyacht will be able to scoop up around five tons of plastic each day. The REV is being built for Kjell Inge Røkke who was previously a fisherman. After being successful in offshore drilling, he has decided to develop a superyacht that gives, rather than takes. Røkke also plans to invite scientists and marine researchers aboard to study and innovate on issues such as climate change, overfishing, plastic pollution, and extraction. Get your CVs at the ready!

2. Savannah

Feadship, the creators of Madame GU, have developed the Savannah. This 83.50m superyacht has a seafoam exterior, and a pioneering breath propulsion system, allowing for five operational modes, including going fully electric. The power comes from a 30-tonne lithium-ion battery bank, which is capable of holding a million watts of electricity. Even in diesel mode, thanks to her dynamic hull shape and steep entrance angle, the Savannah operates with 30% lower fuel consumptions than contemporaries.
Here is a teaser shot of her:


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Tender to Savannah | 83.50m | 2015 | 📸: @dougiesocean

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3. Adastra

A little smaller in comparison to Savannah at 43 meters but Adastra is a beauty! In her development, the top objective was fuel efficiency. This lead Shuttleswoths to produce a trimaran style design which fit the brief and reflected the owners own sporting passion. Not only are passage times incredibly fast, but the Adastra can also travel half way around the world without needed to refuel! This incredible efficiency has been achieved through careful planning of the Adastra, even the toilets, ports and ladders have been built from carbon fibre, so no additional weight was added.
Here she is:

4. Ice

The first yacht fitted with Azipods – these are electric podded azimuth thrusters made in Finland. Ice’s diesel-electric generators supply power to two azimuth thrusters, which have the added benefit of giving a comfortable, vibration-free ride with exceptionally low emissions.
You can see her in all her glory on BOAT International.

5. Mirabella III

Mirabella III is a 41.2-metre sailing boat whose driving range uses biodegradable golf balls that conveniently turn into fish food. Also, Mirabella III collects data from the ocean that helps studies in conservation.

6. Ethereal

The Ethereal is the world’s first hybrid superyacht with an electromechanical propulsion system that runs on rechargeable batteries. It can run for a little while using stored energy, while it’s appliances are all eco-friendly


Six eco-friendly Superyachts to look out for