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Seafarers Global understand how busy life at sea can be and that, more often than not, the visa process can be a painful barrier to overcome and is administratively burdensome.

Their team will build a close relationship with you to understand your immigration requirements while taking the stress of the visa application process off your shoulders. Seafarers Global’s niche expertise and multidisciplinary approach, backed by more than 100 professionals, has helped many seafarers and Superyacht crew to obtain their visas hassle-free and ensuring their immigration and residence needs are holistically addressed.

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  • EU – Transit Seaman Schengen Visa
  • USA – Private Yacht Visa (B1/B2)
  • Visa renewal
  • Caribbean Visas




The process

  • Step 1: Initial call to ascertain exact requirements and determine suitable visa category
  • Step 2: Identify timelines to ensure visa process aligns with employment commencement date(s)
  • Step 3: Review the required documentation and necessary processes for the visa application
  • Step 4: Collect all documents pertaining to the identified category of visa
  • Step 5: Contact nearest Embassy / VFS Center to ensure you have all required documents before submitting application
  • Step 6: Compile and submit application at nearest Embassy or VFS Center in home country.
  • Step 7: Consistently engage with Embassy to determine status of application
  • Step 8: Collection of outcome from the visa application centre, where applicable

Engaging with seafarers global

Seafarers Global are confident they can help you obtain the appropriate visa. To better understand your circumstances, Seafarers Global will schedule a consultation either in person or remotely depending on your preference. This allows Seafarers Global to gather all relevant information about you to ensure you meet all the requirements for the appropriate visa and to mitigate the risk of a rejected application.

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