Tax Planning for Superyacht crew | UAM

More than just filing a tax return. Tax planning is a specialist field, and superyacht crew can benefit from expert advice from our experienced partners.

We work with a number of partners to ensure you get the best possible advice for your situation.

SK Tax Service have been advising seafarers since 1989. You would be hard pushed to find anyone with more experience! If you are a UK resident or a UK tax payer working onboard a Superyacht, SK Tax Service can help with your Seafarer’s Earnings Deduction, your Self-Assessment and your National Insurance.

SA tax consulting

Our partner, Seafarers Global, offers financial advice and tax compliant solutions for South African yacht crew. Their advice comes with legal privilege (as admitted attorneys, which are the only tax advisors given such privilege under the Tax Administration Act), and confidentiality as per South African professional association rules.

You can learn about the full range of services offered by Seafarers Global HERE.

Binks Overseas is our newest tax partner. Founded in 2000, they provide bespoke tax advice and related services to those wishing to take advantage of overseas tax legislation in order to reduce taxes within an international environment. Their aim is to guide clients through the maze of offshore tax legislation in order to find suitable and relevant solutions to meet their ongoing needs.

If you are a UK National who is unable to benefit from SED (Seafarers Earnings Deduction) Binks Overseas specialises in international tax and will work with you to find the most suitable tax solution for your circumstances.

How we Work

We’ll speak with you, either in person or over the phone, about your current tax situation and what you would like to achieve. If your requirements are suited to the services of either SK Tax Service or Seafarers Global, with your accord, we’ll pass your details on.

What we offer via OUR PARTNERS

  • Seafarer Earnings Deduction (SED) returns
  • National Insurance contribution management
  • Foreign earned income exclusion (FEIE) for US citizens
  • G8/G20 Offshore Disclosure program
  • Australian & New Zealand Tax Returns
  • Tax return completion
  • Back-checks up to six years, to ensure you have received your previous allowance.

WHat You Get

  • Assurance that your tax returns are compliant
  • Reduced stress knowing all is taken care of
  • Tax advantageous allowances like the SED and FEIE 


Talk to an expert about your tax situation.