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17th Sep 2019

The Superyacht industry needs to talk about crew pensions

Long hours, hard work, extended periods away from home, significantly higher pay than many other industries. All familiar hallmarks of working on a...

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26th Aug 2019

Is property the best investment?

We ran a poll asking Superyacht crew what they did with their savings. 40% of you, at the time of writing this, are investing in property. Property...

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24th Mar 2019

Beginners guide to saving and investing

Do you have money left at the end of the month? Unsure of what you should be investing in? You are not alone. The world of investment can seem...

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24th Sep 2019

Top Tips to Improve Your Superyacht Salary

Every crew member, at some point in their career, will likely consider renegotiating their salary. Salary negotiations in yachting may bear general...

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Financial Planning

15th Sep 2019

The 10 most frequently asked questions by Yacht Crew

We asked our Financial Planners to get their heads together and let us know the ten questions yacht crew most frequently ask, and then provide their...

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14th Aug 2019

Insurance and why it really matters for crew

If you’re from South Africa, it would not have escaped your attention that the South African Revenue Service (SARS) has declared plans, destined to come in effect from March 2020

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South Africa

14th Oct 2019

South Africans are applying for EU passports in record numbers

More South African nationals are making the decision to apply for EU passports in a bid to avoid the increased tax proposals. The legislation hasn't...

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