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27th May 2024

Opportunities with Record-High Returns

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Godwin Developments Offers Investment Opportunities with Record-High Returns


Since its inception in 2003, Godwin Developments has carved a niche in the UK property market with its consistent delivery of high-quality residential, commercial, and strategic land projects. Not only has the company fostered significant growth across various sectors, but it has also offered impressive financial returns to investors. With a promise of 10% yearly gains or a lump sum of 24% after two years, Godwin stands out in the investment landscape, especially given its flawless record of never missing a payment. Let’s take a closer look at the newest developments from Godwin and their potential to sustain these remarkable returns.

Spotlight on Recent Developments


Wisbech Gateway

Godwin’s recent project, the Wisbech Gateway, underscores its strategic acumen in selecting and developing properties. Located next to the A47, this mixed-use development is set to host a range of facilities including industrial spaces, a petrol station, drive-thru units, and a hotel. The site benefits from high traffic visibility and is well-positioned to attract a diverse group of tenants and businesses, from logistics operators to hospitality providers.

Wisbech Gateway


All-Electric Forecourt in Newcastle

Reflecting its commitment to sustainability, Godwin has initiated an all-electric forecourt project adjacent to the A19 in Newcastle. This project is designed to boost the region’s EV infrastructure and aligns with North Tyneside’s goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. The forecourt will serve the daily commuter traffic and support the growing demand for electric vehicles, promising substantial future returns.


Bristol Gateway

In Bristol, Godwin is transforming a vacant brownfield site into a vibrant mixed-use facility that includes office spaces and student accommodation. Situated near key educational institutions, this development is poised to meet the increasing demand for student housing, further illustrating Godwin’s strategic placement of investments for optimal yield.


Bletchley Development

The Bletchley View development in partnership with CBRE Investment Management in Milton Keynes is another testament to Godwin’s impactful approach, focusing on enhancing community infrastructure and housing, thereby creating long-term value for both the community and the investors.



Godwin Developments not only offers lucrative financial returns but also demonstrates a robust model of sustainable and strategic development across the UK. Each project is carefully curated to meet commercial needs and community aspirations, ensuring steady and secure gains for investors. With such a remarkable track record and a forward-looking development pipeline, Godwin stands out as a premier investment opportunity in the property sector.

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Godwin Development’s consistent performance, strategic project selection, and commitment to sustainability are key factors that will continue to drive its success and appeal in the years to come. Please speak to your United Advisers Wealth Manager to explore investment options and take part in Godwin’s promising future.


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