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14th Dec 2023

Revolutionising Construction

iForm’s Sustainable Journey and the Opportunity for Impact Investing

In the dynamic landscape of impact investing and sustainable ventures, iForm stands as a beacon of innovation, poised to redefine the construction industry. With a unique blend of cutting-edge technology, sustainability, and a commitment to quality, iForm presents a compelling opportunity for United Adviser clients to participate in the scaling of this groundbreaking company.

The iForm Difference: Pioneering Composite Building Technology

At the forefront of the UK’s composite building industry, iForm has distinguished itself through its revolutionary composite panel technology. Conceived by iForm Chairman Mr. Michael Holmes in 1986, this technology was born out of a vision to create a building material that seamlessly combined structural strength with lightweight, insulated properties. The result? Portable and modular buildings that defy industry norms.

Built for Exceptional Quality and Sustainability

iForm’s commitment to quality is embedded in its DNA. As the leading composite building supplier in the UK, the company’s ISO9001 Quality certification and Government VCA Approval underscore its unwavering dedication to excellence. Every aspect of construction, from the senior leadership to on-site contractors, is driven by an obsession with quality and meticulous attention to detail.

iForm House built with Recycled Bottles


Environmental Stewardship: Turning Bottles into Buildings

One of iForm’s standout features is its commitment to sustainability. The company produces its composite panels from an astounding 99% recycled plastic, making it the most sustainable building material of its kind. This innovative approach not only addresses environmental concerns but also positions iForm as a trailblazer in the sustainable construction space.

iForm Floating Boat House


Global Impact: Solving Housing Crises through Innovation

iForm’s impact extends beyond its innovative engineering. With over 35 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of structures crafted from 99% recycled plastic bottles, iForm is contributing to the resolution of global housing and building crises. Backed by Government, Corporate, and Export contracts, the company is now poised for substantial growth to meet escalating demand.

iForm’s Path to Growth: Impact Investing Opportunity

As iForm scales up to meet global demand, United Advisers recognizes a unique opportunity for impact investing. The company’s growth trajectory is supported by contracts from the UK Government, Corporate partnerships, and international demand. Notably, iForm is set to construct a manufacturing plant that will revolutionize recycling by turning Corporate partners’ plastic waste into sustainable buildings, creating hundreds of job opportunities in the process.

Justin MacRae’s Perspective: A Testament to iForm’s Impact

Justin MacRae, Fund Manager at Fortunis Venture Capital Evolved, expresses excitement about iForm joining the Impact Fund. He says: “Whether you look along the coastline of the UK, or at Educational Facilities and even further afield, you can see iForm’s presence by way of its buildings that continually serve a purpose all year and come with over a 200-year guarantee.” MacRae looks forward to funding the construction of iForm’s innovative manufacturing plant, which aligns with the vision of recycling plastic waste into sustainable structures while fostering job creation.

In conclusion, iForm’s journey is not just a narrative of sustainable construction; it’s a testament to the transformative power of impact investing. As the company continues to redefine the industry, the opportunity for investors to be a part of iForm’s sustainable legacy is both compelling and forward-thinking.

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David Cooper