Save for a house deposit | UAM

One reason our superyacht clients decide to start saving regularly is to generate enough capital to buy property.

Be it purchasing your first home, or investing in property as a passive revenue stream, saving regularly can help you get your foot on the property ladder.

How we work

We’ll work with you to review your current income and expenses while you’re working on-board and develop your documented financial plan based on how much you want to save towards your future property. From experience, we know every crew member is different and this is why we take the time to talk to you about what property means to you.

What we offer

  • The opportunity to save regularly for a house deposit or property investment
  • A long-term investment plan suited to your risk tolerance
  • Investment at reduced cost with lower investment thresholds
  • Fund evaluation and selection based on scientific, repeatable processes
  • Quality investment experience

What you get

  • A personalised documented financial plan aligned to your property goals
  • A dedicated financial planner and back-office team
  • A full review of the tax efficiency of your current savings
  • Access to fund management companies who show continued stability and integrity
  • Regular monitoring and rebalancing within your risk profile
  • Forward planning meetings to align your plan with existing and new goals

Key points to consider when purchasing a property

If you’re thinking about saving towards a property, you might want to save more than you originally planned because costs are often forgotten, like:

  • Associated legal or administrative fees
  • Management of tax declarations for any income derived through property rental
  • Maintenance costs and management fees
  • A buffer to pay the mortgage should property remain vacant

It is essential to review all costs associated with purchasing. If you’re starting to plan your investment strategy, we recommend reading our property blog.


Don't delay. Start saving today!

There will always be a reason not to save. Don't let that stop you.