Financial Awareness Webinar Replay - UAM

Financial Awareness Webinar Replay


In this webinar, UAM Financial Planner Elliot Krauze introduces the three key pillars of financial planning in the yachting industry: banking, tax and savings. He also takes you through the 5 most common ‘financial personalities’ that exist.

Designed to help you connect with your saving personality and understand how this impacts your finance decisions, this webinar is the first step to ensuring you are set up to maximise your finances during your years at sea. The webinar was developed for Superyacht crew who are at the start of their financial journey and want to know more about bank accounts, tax and investments.

Discover how much you actually need to accumulate to secure your future lifestyle, find out if you’re on track and write your own cheque for financial freedom.

What the webinar covers

  • How crew can make the most of their money
  • Bank accounts commonly used across the industry (their pros and cons)
  • How inflation works and what interest considerations there are for crew
  • How much you may need for retirement
  • The different ways crew can save towards their future
  • What different monthly contributions accumulate in terms of savings
  • Your financial personality and how it impacts your money decisions
  • Tax and how to manage it

learn more about your finance profile

There are 5 common money personalities, which apply to everyone, crew and non-crew alike. Each personality comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Elliot goes into more detail during the webinar (from 14 minutes in), but we’ve included a brief synopsis of each below. You can then see which one you identify with the most.


  • Reserved and frugal
  • Conservative when it comes to risk
  • Long-term thinker and planner
  • Can have a lack of direction (think about ‘lost acorns’)
  • Risks low returns on savings


  • Sensation seeker and passionate
  • Low fear level
  • Curious and open-minded
  • Can be impulsive
  • Loss potential can be higher


  • Watches and observes
  • Late adopter
  • Composed
  • Can delay decisions and overthink
  • High fear of failure


  • Big picture thinker
  • High aspirations and ambitious
  • Can fail to act on goals
  • Lack of focus on detail
  • Needs direction to achieve

HEAd in sand

  • High levels of avoidance
  • Afraid of consequences
  • Unwilling to listen to advice
  • Denial about the reality of their situation
  • Needs supportive environment to be able to inch out

What we do

We work exclusively with Superyacht crew to help them find the right financial solutions during their yachting career. Our team, the majority of whom are based at our head office in Palma, have decades of experience between us helping crew develop financial plans.

Understanding the challenges that come with working in the fast-paced world of Superyacht industry, we have adapted the way we work to fit crew needs.