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30th Nov 2020

The value of good financial advice

A common criticism often levelled against the financial services industry is that advisers do not have their clients’ best interests at heart and are self-serving. However, such criticism is often misguided.

At United Advisers Group, we work tirelessly to uphold our clients’ interests first and foremost. In fact, clients tell us that what they value most is the personal service we offer.

Personalised service

United Advisers Group provides personalised financial planning and wealth management advice to clients all around the world.

We take pride in getting to know our clients by taking the time to listen and ask intelligent and probing questions. We aim to understand our clients’ aspirations, fears and concerns before offering solutions. Our goal is to put together a complete picture of their financial situation, life goals and tolerance to risk before offering any advice.

Once we feel confident that we understand exactly what they wish to achieve, we then develop financial plans that meet their goals, not ours, using products such as investment accounts to deliver the plan that has been created. Our reputation for providing robust and pragmatic advice has won us praise from clients.

Most importantly, we don’t take a ‘set-and-forget’ approach. We communicate openly and regularly with our clients, and work with them to update their financial plan to reflect any change to their circumstances. We also offer regular updates on broader issues that may impact their financial situation.

Long-term client relationships

We pride ourselves on the close and long-term relationships we have with clients and their families. In fact, many have been with us for more than 20 years, some of whom are ‘second generation’ clients; they are the children of long-term United Advisers Group clients.

Our dedicated client service team works around the clock to look after the needs of clients based not just across Europe but all over the world including Latin America, USA, the Middle East, Australasia and the Far East. We have built these global relationships on discretion, trust and transparency.

Regulation and complaints handling

United Advisers is an Appointed Representative of Nexus Global and is fully regulated in Gibraltar, under the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Nexus Global specialises in providing a regulatory platform and compliance support to international financial advisers and intermediaries to enable them to meet the regulatory requirements of EEA (European Economic Area) financial regulators and to provide their clients with a professional service.

By being an Appointed Representative of Nexus Global, we are able to provide advice to clients across the EU as well as internationally, not just where our offices or advisers are located.

Being part of the Nexus network also offers additional benefits to our clients, such as providing access to various financial products, services and solutions that are otherwise unavailable to them. It also means we have in place a formal, respectful and reliable complaints handling procedure.

It is important that we hear any concerns clients have regarding the services we offer. Therefore, any complaints are managed by the Nexus Global Head Office and follow a robust investigative process. More information is available here.

Financial education resources

As well as being a financial planning partner, we have a role to play in educating people about a range of financial topics.

We make available, for free, detailed guides on a range of topics from savings, pensions and retirement planning to investing and lifestyle financial planning.

We also regularly publish relevant and up-to-date information on topical issues, such as Brexit and the COVID pandemic, and how they may impact the financial markets, so that our clients can make more informed decisions about their savings and investments.

For more information

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Paul Evans