Our Financial Services - UAM

Shore to ship

There are some fundamentals you will want to get sorted during your first season: banking, tax, and savings. These are the three UAM pillars of successful personal finance.

Experienced crew

We often find that, after a few years, crew start thinking more seriously about their financial future and begin investing a larger percentage of their salary and bonuses.

Ship to shore

All good things come to an end so, whatever your reasons for leaving the industry, we are here to make your on-shore transition as smooth as possible.

New to yachting

Banking is always your first port of call (pun intended). Get the right bank account, manage multiple currencies and avoid exchange rate fluctuations.

Tax is next.

If you are a UK taxpayer have you taken advantage of the Seafarer Earnings Deduction (SED)? Are you 100% clear about what your tax obligations are? If not, we have some free tax tools to help get you started.

Saving is last on the list.

We have created a guide to help you start saving quickly and easily. The right savings solution will depend on your documented financial plan. All our clients receive a plan to help map out your financial goals over your career.

Not found what you were looking for?

Experienced crew

Your documented financial plan might need updating to reflect your new personal and professional goals.

You may be thinking about purchasing property or perhaps you’re considering a business investment. Either way, your financial plan should accurately reflect your future ambitions.

If you have recently received a pay rise or end of season bonus you might be starting to consider investing regularly. We’ll use your documented financial plan to guide you to the right financial solutions for your needs.

Life after yachting

If you are considering leaving or you have made concrete plans to exit the superyacht industry, you will want to ensure your financial security. What this looks like depends on your goals and your current financial situation, but we are here to support you on your journey.


We ask you to imagine your future so we can agree your lifestyle and wealth goals.


We develop a strategy suited to the goals you have defined. This becomes your Documented Financial Plan.


We check in with you regularly to review your goals and keep your strategy on track.

How we do it

The financial planning process consists of a discovery session. This is where we talk with you, either face to face or via Skype, better understand your circumstances. We will gather all relevant information from you to define your financial landscape.  If you are busy on-board, we can manage this remotely at a time best suited to you.

We analyse the information provided, present you with our recommendations, and agree and implement your Documented Financial Plan.

We then hold regular review, discovery, and forward planning sessions. This is usually every six months to a year. We review and amend your plan and make sure you stay on track.

Stop making excuses

Start planning your financial future today. Simply tell us what matters most to you, and we’ll build a solid financial plan to help you achieve it.