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A helping hand

As a superyacht captain, management company, or owner you want to provide the best possible working conditions for your crew.

In addition to providing insurance, training, and development to create the best environment for your crew, you can help change how the Superyacht industry cares for crew long-term.

We want to help crew secure a revenue stream once they stop working. A large percentage of yacht crew leave the industry with no savings or financial security, and with your help we can change this. Don’t let your crew suffer financially through errors like mismanaging currency or paying the wrong tax!

How we work

We know that changing spending habits, and encouraging crew to think about life after their yachting career is challenging. We can help by sharing our experience about the financial advantages the industry offers, and how crew can make their money work harder for them.

Because we’re familiar with the challenges yacht crew face around currency management, tax, and savings, all our on-board presentations are tailored to the needs of your crew, and we bring tax experts with us as when they’re needed.

We help crew focus on how they want to achieve their future lifestyles. While they may be very happy with their current lifestyle, it’s about long-term goals, and protecting their income for themselves, and their dependents.

What we deliver

  • A dynamic on-board presentation tailored to your crew
  • One-to-one meetings with crew, based on your timetable, so there are no on-board disruptions
  • A team of financial planners so meetings can be held concurrently
  • Supporting tax or mortgage experts where crew have a specific requirement
  • Resources to help educate yacht crew

Next steps

If you are interested in booking a meeting, please contact us so we can agree the best date and location for your schedule.

We recommend downloading our needs evaluation form so we can tailor our presentation and the team we bring on-board to make sure we answer all crew questions in one session.

Download the Financial Planning Meetings Sheet.

Help your crew

Book a presentation for your crew and help them manage their finances