International Property Services for Superyacht Crew | UAM

Make your property purchase as smooth as possible using our property services.

We have several property partners, including Simon Conn, who has over thirty-five years’ experience in the property business. This is why we work with him to provide a full property service to Superyacht crew.  Simon has an extensive network of worldwide specialists who can provide legal assistance, insurance and competitive currency exchange.

How we work

We’ll meet or speak with you to understand how we can best help you with your property purchase. As part of our review, we’ll help you develop your documented financial plan which will take into account your future purchase and any resulting revenue streams.

What we offer

  • Mortgages and re-mortgages for Superyacht crew for the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain and France
  • International residential mortgages for both purchase and re-mortgages in over fifty countries worldwide
  • Legal services, providing you with impartial legal counsel
  • Insurance services including building, contents and title insurance
  • Property tax advice
  • Specialist consumer protection to help resolve any difficulties arising when saving for a property

Set up a regular savings plan

If you are starting to think about purchasing a property, but haven’t started saving your deposit, we recommend setting up a regular savings plan.