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Our partner, International Property Group (IPG), offers clients a truly tailored property investment service.

Successful investments should not be left to luck or reserved for the few. IPG helps everyday investors to plan for their future without having to worry about the complex nature of investing or the lack of time required to grow their portfolios.

Our clients have recognised the safety, security, and reliability that property investment brings but would prefer to outsource the creation and management of their portfolio.

How does IPG help our clients? There are 6 areas on which they focus on:

How we work

We’ll meet or speak with you to understand how we can best help you with your property(s) purchase. As part of our review, we’ll help you develop your documented financial plan which will take into account your future purchase and any resulting revenue streams.

What we offer

1 . Property Finding Service

We identify properties and locations, that provide a strong rental yield and capital growth potential.

We conduct comprehensive due diligence and research on the suitability of the property, for a successful buy to let investment.


2 . Mortgage Advice & Procurement

Our client’s initial capital can be leveraged via borrowing.

Working with multiple banks and other lending sources, we are confident that our clients will receive the best possible terms available.

A loan costing e.g., 3% pa, that is used to buy a property generating 10% pa, can be a smart thing to do (the figures provided are for illustrative purposes only and cannot be guaranteed).


3 . Tax Advice

We advise how to own the property via the most suitable means e.g., in the sole name of the client(s) or via a corporate structure.

The correct organisation can potentially reduce capital gains tax and income tax, whilst also improving estate planning opportunities, via e.g., your own UK limited company owning the property.



4 . Lettings & Management

This comprehensive service includes: Marketing your property / Tenant-Finding / Tenant-Referencing / Compliance / Property Management and is essential to get the best returns from the investment.


5 . Ongoing Property Portfolio Advice

We provide an ongoing property portfolio investment management service.

This helps to ensure our clients remain invested in the right property(s) at the right time(s) and improves the medium to long term performance of the portfolio.


6 . Sales Advice & Execution

Help is provided with the potential sale of our client’s property(s) in due course.

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