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Illness can be expensive

A reality of the superyacht industry is that, should you fall ill, you’ll be paid according to the terms of your contract, but this might not cover the duration of your illness.

If you have financial commitments, you may want to consider protecting your salary with an insurance policy.  Investing in an insurance policy is an essential step in financially protecting yourself and your dependents. Unfortunately, within the Superyacht industry, there is no singular regulatory body to enforce standards. This often means that negotiations are down to individual crew members when considering an offer of employment.

To help yacht crew understand more about insurance and the key steps to making sure you are correctly covered we have written a blog which you can read here.

How we work

Once we’ve spoken with you about your revenue and your financial commitments we will create your Documented Financial Plan. Then we’ll be able to offer advice about the best policy for your situation. It’s important to take the time to review your situation thoroughly, so your insurance premiums and your policy guarantees are tailored to your circumstances

Clements worldwide insurance

Our insurance partner is Clements Worldwide who offers insurance in over 180 countries.  They deliver exceptional service globally and have a number of international offices including Washington, DC, London, Belgium and Dubai. If you already know what type of insurance or protection you need we recommend contacting Clements Worldwide for a free consultation.

What we offer

What you get

  • An insurer with over 70 years experience focusing on the needs of international workers
  • A fully managed and personalised service
  • Access to a wide variety of insurance and protection products from global insurance companies

There is never a good time

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