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Financial planning is about helping you design your future. We then agree on the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

An effective financial plan specifies your overall investment and retirement strategy. It also defines the action you will take should the unexpected happen, like a market fall, illness or new tax regulations. Finally, it identifies shortfalls and issues by pulling all your key information together and making sense of it.

Creating your documented financial plan

We know that changing spending habits is challenging; this is why it’s vital to complete a detailed analysis of what you spend now, and what you might spend in the future. It’s much harder to deny bad habits when everything is written down.

This process enables you to focus on how you achieve the lifestyle you want in the future. You may be happy with your current lifestyle while working on-board a superyacht, but this is about long-term goals.

A good financial plan:

  • Illustrates your financial lifestyle
  • Shows your hypothetical cash flow
  • Calculates your net-worth
  • Helps you stay on track to achieving your goals

Updating your documented financial plan

An up to date financial plan is instrumental in helping you shape your thinking about current and future needs.

We work with you to make sure your assets (including salary and property income), your liabilities and your expenses are kept up to date on your plan. We will also talk to you about your life goals and what kind of income you would like to have after your superyacht career.

Each time you have a significant life change, be it a promotion, a growing family or a change in career it’s essential to get in touch with your financial planner to adjust your financial plan appropriately.

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