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12th Sep 2023

High Salaries in the Superyacht Industry

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The superyacht industry is renowned for offering lucrative salaries and exciting adventures to its crew members. However, amidst the allure of high earnings and seasonal bonuses, it is crucial for superyacht professionals to consider their long-term financial security. Let´s explore the financial landscape of the superyacht industry and highlight the importance of proactive financial planning.

Superyacht crew members are often privileged to receive substantial salaries and seasonal bonuses. The appeal of generous earnings can be enticing, but it is essential for crew members to recognise that their financial well-being extends beyond their current employment. While these high salaries provide a fantastic opportunity for a comfortable lifestyle, it is crucial to plan and secure their financial future by considering long-term savings and investments.

Unlike traditional employment sectors that offer pension schemes, superyacht crew members are responsible for planning their own retirement savings. Given the transient nature of the industry, it becomes even more imperative for crew members to proactively address this gap and take charge of their financial security.

To navigate the complexities of financial planning and secure their future, superyacht crew members should consider seeking guidance from trusted financial advisers. While some individuals prefer to take personal control and invest on their own, it is essential to recognize that DIY investing comes with its challenges. Successfully managing your investments independently, demands a significant commitment of time, in-depth knowledge of markets, the ability to not become overly emotionally involved in making your own investment decisions and a range of other financial skills. The financial landscape is ever evolving, and DIY investors must engage in continuous learning to stay ahead.



A financial adviser’s insights and guidance can help clients avoid common pitfalls and navigate complex financial markets more effectively. It’s essential to understand that investing inherently carries risks, and working with a financial adviser is not a guarantee of success. However, the chances of making informed and well-calculated investment decisions are higher with a qualified adviser. Their in-depth knowledge of financial markets, asset classes, and risk management strategies enables them to create tailored investment plans that align with clients’ individual goals and risk tolerances.

Checking the credentials of a financial adviser is a crucial step in ensuring that you are entrusting your financial future to a qualified and reputable professional. First, verify if the adviser is registered directly or indirectly via a Network, with the relevant regulatory bodies in your country or region. Select an adviser with whom you feel comfortable building a strong, long lasting, and trustworthy working relationship with. It is recommended that an adviser and client schedule at least 6-12 monthly check-ins to discuss the investment portfolio’s performance, potential changes to the clients circumstances and goals, and discuss any necessary adjustments to the strategy. Through ongoing communication, the financial adviser can continue to offer guidance, support, and expertise, maximizing the potential for long-term investment success.

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This communication is for informational purposes only and is not intended to constitute, and should not be construed as, investment advice, investment recommendations or investment research. You should seek advice from a professional adviser before embarking on any financial planning activity.


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